How to Cut Down a Tree Safely

If you are planning to cut down a slightly big tree in your lawn because you want to build something on it, then you will need the right materials and proper technique. If you do not have enough capability and tools to properly cut a tree then you are at serious risk of accidents.  


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If you are confident enough and equipped with the necessary tools, here some tips that can help you with the tedious work. 

     Wear the Right Safety Gear 

When it comes to cutting down trees, safety must always be the topmost priority. You must be equipped with the right safety gears such as helmet, face screen, goggles, Kevlar chaps, and earmuffs.  

     Purchase Felling Wedges 

During a cut, you must use two plastic felling wedges to prevent from getting pinched. You can buy these at any outdoor power equipment shop that sells chain saws. 

     Estimate the Felling Zone 

Trees reach farther on the ground and taller than you think. Using “ax handle trick” will let you estimate a tree fall but you must keep in mind that it is just an estimate so you must allow extra room if there is something that it might hit the ground. 

     Clear a Cutting Zone 

You must make sure that the tree will fall on your expected path. It is also advisable to clear two escape routes on the “non-falling” side of the tree. It should be 45 degrees apart from each other and in opposite directions.  

     Anatomy of Proper Notch 

It is important to remember that the depth of the notch must be one fifth of the tree trunk’s diameter. The cut must converge with the notch. The hinge will help the tree fall in the desired direction as the tree starts to fall. 

     Plan the Notch 

Cut the top part first then next is the bottom. When making the bottom cut, adjust your hand to control the throttle using your thumb. The wedge will drop out of the notch if you meet the top notch perfectly. You must extend the cuts from either bottom or top so that the wedge will be able to freely drop. 

     Make the Felling Cut 

Make a line that connects the apex of the notch on both sides for cutting guide. The back cut must be parallel and exact the same with the apex of the notch then make the felling cut. The moment tree starts to lean, pull the saw free, set the chain break and walk away along with your escape route.  

     Start Cutting the Fallen Tree 

Cut off the branches starting at the lower end going to the top. Work from the left side of the trunk because it lets you maximize the full potential of your chainsaw. Cut the log into 16 inches length by sawing first three-quarters of the log then roll it over and finalize the cuts.